I’m going to add another audio interface to my basement computer (which powers ICYG and Manolas‘ color printing, among other things) since that’s been the best place for me to record the BDFL podcasts. Adding another mic-in/line-out combo will allow me to route Skype calls through a separate input on my UB802 mixer, and that means I can more easily control its level in real-time. It will also simplify my signal routing a bit.

I’ve decided to go PCI vs. USB because I want to use a card that supports ASIO (low-latency I/O that routes around Windows’ audio mixer) out of the box and I don’t necessarily need the tactile control of levels than an external USB interface would provide. I was thinking about the Creative Audigy SE, which is cheap but apparently doesn’t offer ASIO support. Then I saw the Audigy 4 package, which includes a remote control and would probably allow me to get full-res DVD-Audio playback on my main upstairs PC. I could take out my M-Audio Revolution 5.1 card that’s attached to my Klipsch surround setup and move it downstairs to handle the recording duties. The Revo is a great card (with ASIO support) but doesn’t provide full-resolution DVD-Audio playback with WinDVD or PowerDVD.

I think I’ll go get the Audigy 4 today and I’ll blog about its pros/cons later. It’s been quite a while since I purchased a Creative sound card; my last was an AWE64 Gold. It’s still in use in my son’s computer.

Update: Got the Audigy 4, put it in, and installed all the included software (yes, I’m brave). The only thing I played with so far has been the DVD-Audio player’s rendering of my Yes “Fragile” DVD-A and it was superb. The included remote is compact and has a USB receiver; it’s convenient to use. I’ll have to look around and see if it’s truly locked to the Creative apps or if I can use it elsewhere (FB2K?) as well.