OK, went to see Superman Returns tonight. Loved the homage to the earlier films with the opening credits, music, and the liberal Marlon-Brando-as-Jor-El appearances. This was a very cerebral movie, but Kevin Spacey’s Lex Luthor kept it alive and he drove his plotline along well. I thought the cinematography and effects were spectacular. The acting was good, although some of the editing seemed a bit choppy; and there were times where it seemed like Lois & Clark had ESP. The Clark/Lois/Richard love triangle was very present throughout, although I think the pretense that Lois doesn’t know Clark is Superman, even though it’s been a constant all these years, seems more ludicrous now than ever.

The ending of the movie was left pretty darn open for sequels. At the end I felt a little slighted when nary a sliver of the history between Lois & Clark that led to you-know-who hadn’t even been presented. What happened between Superman IV and the time when Superman left to find Krypton? Well, besides you-know-what.

Overall I liked the movie plenty, but I have to agree with my buddy Jim when he says Batman Begins was the stronger of the two series’ movie franchise reboots. But I’m definitely interested in seeing Superman return again.