The end of a four-day weekend, spent at home after two days at my parents’ house and a roundabout ride back yesterday morning. Yesterday afternoon/evening I worked on the yard and helped Melissa plant some hastas. Today I took a ride (which needs to become a lot more frequent prior to August 20th) and saw some of the damage that the swollen Swatara Creek wreaked last week near Hummelstown.

My dad is riding solo on an 8-day tour along both banks of the Potomac river from Alexandria, VA southbound and back. He’s carrying everything including camping equipment on his bike (32 pounds of cargo); this is the first time he’s done this kind of tour in 25 years. He’s covering 45-50 miles per day. I’m very proud of him. He’s got a birthday gift waiting on him when he arrives back home.

This morning I’m watching the Tour de France and reading. Looks like we’re going to find somewhere to go for brunch. We’ll probably head downtown a little later, but since we saw fireworks in Sterling, VA, Sunday night we probably won’t stick around for the ones tonight. I’ll probably watch them on TV.

Happy Independence Day!