We’ve had quite a weekend here at the Harden house. Melissa’s parents came in Thursday and will be here until tomorrow. Ryan is turning six tomorrow and had a party with 9 of his friends yesterday. It was his first birthday party that was exclusively with friends he’d made at school as opposed to just family (and close family friends). The boys were a bit “spirited” but the party was fun. Melissa had a great slate of activities lined up: decorating aprons, making pizzas (starting with unbaked dough), playing pin-the-pepperoni-on-the-pizza, eating said pizzas (not all the kids did, but they tasted great), going on a treasure hunt, and opening gifts. We just sat down and watched the short bursts of video I took. Those are some cute kids. What made me proudest was how gracious Ryan was.

We watched the US hold Italy to a tie with a man down in World Cup action, and watched Edmonton bury Carolina 4-0 to force a seventh and decisive Stanley Cup playoff game. Good stuff. I’ll be rooting for the Oilers again tomorrow.

Today we headed over to HACC‘s Harrisburg campus with rollerblades and Ryan’s bike. On the weekends it’s a great place to go to scoot around because of its long, wide, flat walkways and lack of people to bother. Ryan is getting more used to his bike and is starting to understand how the training wheels are holding him back. I hadn’t skated in a while but got my legs back pretty quickly and had a great time making a few laps around the campus with Ry. He stayed with me pretty well and didn’t want me to get too far ahead. We moved at a fun pace. We’re definitely going to do that more often.

After lunch we went to Hershey Gardens for the first time in a few years. They have some large wooden bug sculptures on display that are quite good. The flowers were in full bloom. It was quite hot today, and those strategically-placed water fountains could’ve used a little more pressure.

Just like last year, we decided to go over to ABC for our Fathers’ Day dinner. Service was slow but the food and beer were good. I got one of my three favorite ABC varities, Water Gap Wheat. My other favorties are Mountain Lager and Purist Pale Ale.

After we got back, I received a nice light-blue, ribbed t-shirt for Fathers’ Day, and Ryan’s “big gift” from his visiting grandparents is a starter electric guitar! We’re going to have fun with that.

Happy Fathers’ Day to my Dad and all the dads I know!