I decided not to wait for Amazon to ship me the copy of Rush‘s new Replay x3 box set since Best Buy had it for $3 cheaper than my pre-order price and I was heading by there anyways. Get this: it was $27.99 when I ordered it, now it’s $25.99. Guess it may not pay to pre-order. I picked it up yesterday and quickly put the Exit… Stage Left and Grace Under Pressure Tour DVDs in and thumbed through them. It was only on my 20″ TV setup, but the transfers look fine. The sound was good. I haven’t seen these videos in years. I’ll be checking out the new surround mixes sometime next week.

Also included in the package are the A Show Of Hands DVD (sans “Lock And Key” from the original laserdisc version), a CD of the GUP Tour show, and three booklets, one for each show, each with a reproduction of the tourbook for that show’s tour. These concerts were all before my Rush-going days. I got into Rush around the time of Hold Your Fire and have seen them on every tour since the release of Presto. At $26 bucks, this is one heck of a deal for even the casual Rush fan.