Well, I made it through the TDC 2006’s metric century (62 miles). I knew I hadn’t prepared enough for the ride, but figured I could manage. And I did, although not without slowing my dad down a bit during the last 20 miles. One problem I never encountered during Bike Virginia last year due to adequate training was cramps. Yesterday at about the 40-mile mark I started feeling some cramping in my upper left leg. I made sure to keep hydrated and made use of the more-than-adequate rest stops to take a break and recharge. That last rest stop at the Agway was well-placed, that’s for sure. 😉

If the course had been more hilly, I wouldn’t have been able to make it. The views along the ride (in Scott‘s and Chuck‘s area) were spectacular, and the ride through Carlisle was interesting for someone who hadn’t ridden through on a bike before. My dad and I communicated effectively, I with the cue sheet and he with the map, and we didn’t miss a turn. The route was pretty well marked, but there were a few turns that I wouldn’t have been prepared for if I was just looking for the painted pavement markers.

Once we headed back home, I was pretty darn lethargic, but I did help with dinner and was a little more lively later. Today I just have a sore seat. 😉

Now that I have the routes, I may head over that way and ride them outside of the TDC. Obviously, that’d be the best way to prepare for the ride next year, especially if I want to have a time goal. My dad and I started at 8AM and arrived back a little before 2PM. I believe we averaged 13mph while in motion. I can do better!

I will definitely do the Tour de Cure 2007 ride, and now that I have a better feel for the fundraising I should be able to raise more money for the cause.

Looking ahead to later this season, I’m now planning to ride in the Lancaster Bicycle Club‘s Covered Bridge Metric Century ride on August 20, 2006. My dad has already planned to ride this with one of his other cycling friends. It looks like a fun ride. I have enough time to properly train for that one so that I can enjoy myself a bit more if I decide to go for the long ride again.

Chuck finished the TDC’s 31-mile course, and agreed with my assessment that he could have done the long course. Perhaps we can team up for the metric century in ’07.