Our family will be traveling out to Colorado Springs for the next week, visiting Melissa’s grandparents and aunt. We love going out there; there’s so much gorgeous nature to be had. Melissa’s found us two new (to us) places to visit: Royal Gorge and the U.S. Olympic Training Center. We’re planning to revisit Santa’s Workshop, and I’m sure we’ll go see the Garden Of The Gods again. It should be a nice week away from work and the net.

I wanted a new book to read during the trip, so I picked up Ray Kurzweil’s The Singularity Is Near. I’ve heard good things about his book The Age Of Spiritual Machines (the inspiration for OLP’s Spiritual Machines), which was the book I was looking for at Borders and couldn’t find. This should be a good read. I’ve also loaded up the Hi-MD with recent CD acquisitions that I’ll finally get to digest.

See ya in one week.