Settle up with Sony BMG

The EFF has a great portal that helps one to determine if they have one of the Sony/BMG CDs that contain the invasive DRM enforcement software (XCP or MediaMax) and where to go to make a claim for relief. In addition to receiving a clean version of the CD (heck, maybe it’ll even sport the CDDA logo!), the claimant may receive a free download of the music on the CD (apparently from a DRM-laden store), and software to help clean up your computer. In addition, you may have the opportunity to receive some cash back and/or some amount of free downloads of DRMed music. I recommend taking the relief offer that involves the least amount of downloads; I don’t prefer DRMed downloadable media.

If you own any of the listed CDs, I highly encourage you to make a claim; it’ll deter the music publishers from trying things like this in the future. CDDA shouldn’t be futzed around with.

I only own one of the CDs on the list, Our Lady Peace’s “Healthy In Paranoid Times”, but since I have the DualDisc version I wasn’t subject to the XCP software.