I’m sympathetic to Doug Pinnick’s complaints about the failure of King’s X to get enough exposure to draw in the fans that would make the 25-year-old band a profitable enterprise. Doug, Jerry, and Ty have put out lots of great music over the years, and I still listen to their stuff regularly. I also try to listen to and purchase a lot of their respective side projects’ material. I don’t get to see them all that often since they haven’t been booked closer to Harrisburg than Philly (to my knowledge) since I’ve been here. One of Doug’s complaints is that KX can’t profitably (or otherwise) book earlier/all-ages shows, which limits the availability of venues and of appeal. If I was going to travel an hour or two to a KX show, I’d much rather be driving back at 11:30PM vs 2:00AM. If you haven’t heard their stuff, definitely go over to Amazon and check out some samples of their songs. If you like what you hear, buy a CD or two. I think the guys still have a lot of music to make.

Blackfield (the collaboration between Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson and Aviv Geffen) now has a Myspace page and they’re sharing some music from the forthcoming second album. The full track “Once” is definitely the heaviest they’ve done to date, and the 30-second preview track reveals lush arrangements of the songs “Miss U” and “Epidemic” that they’ve played live. They’ve also re-done the previously non-album track “Where Is My Love?”. Everything sounds great and I can’t wait to get a copy. Check out their stuff.

Rush is well on their way to releasing another studio album near the beginning of 2007 and hope to tour next spring. They also have a DVD-repackaging of the “Exit… Stage Left”, “Grace Under Pressure Tour”, and “A Show Of Hands” videos coming out next month called Replay. It also includes a CD of the GUP Tour. Out of these works, I only own a VHS copy of ASOH, so I will definitely be picking this up. I can remember watching the GUP tour laserdisc in the media room at the UB Student Union. Cool!