Doug Flutie

TSN: Flutie announces retirement

Doug Flutie retired Monday, ending a 21-year career in which the undersized Heisman Trophy winner threw one of college football’s most famous passes, won three Grey Cups and played a dozen seasons in the NFL.

“It’s just been a fun run for me,” the 43-year-old Flutie said.

The ageless wonder won’t be on the gridiron this coming season, and he’ll be missed. I wasn’t that into football during Doug Flutie‘s college days, but I remember some of his first stint with the Patriots. Living in Buffalo in the late ’80s to late ’90s, I was certainly aware of his CFL accomplishments. And when he came to play for the Bills I was a big fan.

He will certainly be remembered for his passing, but I think he ranks among the best scrambling quarterbacks ever. He should get into the Pro Football Hall of Fame (it’s not called the NFL Hall of Fame, is it?), but would he be inducted as a Patriot? Could he be the first official CFL enshrinee? After the press conference the Patriots hosted for his announcement today, combined with his Boston heritage, there seems little reason for him not to retire a Patriot. However, he’s one of the CFL’s most accomplished players and will certainly be inducted into its Hall of Fame.

He has been active off the field as well, with his son’s foundation, his band “The Flutie Gang”, and other football-related off-season activities.

Watching him play with Buffalo, I always remember him as a class act. I never forgave Wade Phillips for benching him in favor of Rob Johnson. He showed it as the sham it was when he played a full season as San Diego’s starter after leaving Buffalo.

It’s fitting that he punctuated his pro career with a Heisman at the beginning and an extremely rare drop kick at the end. Many football fans will never forget watching Doug Flutie play. Thanks for the memories!

Update: Scott commented on this post, but weighed in more eloquently in his forums.