Ross turned me on to Rogue Amoeba’s beta release of Airfoil for Windows yesterday and I tried the software on three different machines: a WinXP laptop, a WinXP tower, and a Win2003 Server. I haven’t gotten it to work yet. I need to try a few more things before I fire off a message to RA.

Update: I’ve gotten it to work on the laptop by redirecting the audio device’s WaveOut to the Airport, as opposed to focusing on redirecting individual apps. It seems good. I will probably purchase it, even though it won’t help with my primary goal, which is redirecting the audio stream from my ICYG source: a Foobar2000 instance running in a RDP session, set to null output. That’s a bit outside of the scope of Airfoil, which is why I’d love a FB2K DSP or output plugin that supports AirTunes.

From what I’ve seen, Airfoil will probably have problems working with my WinXP tower, which has its onboard soundcard, an M-Audio Audiophile 2496, and an M-Audio Revolution 5.1 installed. Need I remind you I’m an audio nerd?