Bloglines is the only online aggregator I’ve ever used (after having used Amphetadesk and Sharpreader), but its lack of full Atom 1.0 support is getting a bit annoying. I signed up for an account on Newsgator Online and I’m pleased with its Atom rendering, but it has a few interface quirks that might take some getting used to.

I like Bloglines’ two-frame approach, especially now that they added a support for quick-closing (and reopening) the left pane. Newsgator Online’s layout is good, but since they don’t use frames, the scrolling of the subscriptions and the content isn’t independent. I also would like it if Newsgator Online’s blogrolling feature allowed you to select which folders/feeds you wanted to publicize. I have that control with Bloglines via their per-feed public/private setting, combined with the MT-Outliner plugin’s support for focusing on specific Bloglines folders.

However, besides getting on board with the Atom 1.0 feed spec, Bloglines could take a few cues from Newsgator Online. For example, per-item rankings shared with other subscribers could add a new dimension to the service. Newsgator also has better, more dynamic support for favicons than Bloglines.

Both services have room for improvement, so I’m not moving just yet. Newsgator would have to support the all the Bloglines features I use and make a few interface changes before I would be comfortable moving.