Once again I’m participating in two Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball leagues this spring and summer. Unfortunately, the league I won last year, Pixel’s All Star League, didn’t re-form for this season. However, the Brutal Deluxe Baseball League is back, and Citrus created an intriguing experimental league. His “Money Ballz Experimental” league rewards some of the standard accumulated stats like home runs, RBIs, stolen bases, and saves, but devotes half of the stat categories to composite metrics like fielding, on-base & slugging percentage, WHIP ([walks + hits]/innings pitched), and some strikeout ratios. Good stuff.

Cyg’s Bunters BDBL aren’t on pace to defend our second-place finish of last year just yet; we’re currently in last place. We’ve had some tough matchups so far and several batters are underperforming. Pitching is good but I’ve gotten sloppy and missed a few starts. We also don’t have a lot of relief pitchers right now. We just recruited NL Player of the Week Craig Wilson from the waiver wire and hope for a good matchup this week against the Hanover Lost Knights.

Cyg’s Bunters BDBL (as of 4/18):

  • J. López (Bal – C)
  • D. Lee (ChC – 1B)
  • J. Kent (LAD – 1B,2B)
  • S. Rolen (StL – 3B)
  • O. Cabrera (LAA – SS)
  • S. Podsednik (CWS – OF)
  • J. Lane (Hou – OF)
  • J. Dye (CWS – OF)
  • C. Wilson (Pit – 1B,OF)
  • C. Crawford (TB – OF)
  • C. Utley (Phi – 1B,2B)
  • J. Lugo (TB – SS)
  • C. Capuano (Mil – SP)
  • S. Kazmir (TB – SP)
  • J. Valverde (Ari – RP)
  • S. Shields (LAA – RP)
  • D. Willis (Fla – SP)
  • B. Zito (Oak – SP)
  • C. Zambrano (ChC – SP)
  • J. Patterson (Was – SP)
  • T. Wakefield (Bos – SP)
  • M. Prior (ChC – SP) (disabled)

Cyg’s Bunters X are a new team looking for some respect; we’ve earned a second-place ranking through two weeks of play. We’ve got a few pitchers on the mend but have some decent talent on the mound. I’ve been very happy with our offense; they’ve carried us to back-to-back 8-4 matchup victories in our first two weeks.

Cyg’s Bunters X (as of 4/18):

  • R. Hernández (Bal – C)
  • A. Pujols (StL – 1B)
  • A. Soriano (Was – 2B,OF)
  • R. Freel (Cin – 2B,3B,OF)
  • R. Furcal (LAD – SS)
  • B. Hawpe (Col – OF)
  • C. Lee (Mil – OF)
  • B. Abreu (Phi – OF)
  • T. Hafner (Cle – Util)
  • Mi. Cabrera (Fla – 3B,OF)
  • G. Sizemore (Cle – OF)
  • R. Sexson (Sea – 1B)
  • C. Crisp (Bos – OF)
  • F. García (CWS – SP)
  • J. Contreras (CWS – SP)
  • J. Westbrook (Cle – SP)
  • J. Bonderman (Det – SP)
  • A. Burnett (Tor – SP)
  • E. Guardado (Sea – RP)
  • B. Ryan (Tor – RP)
  • B. Howry (ChC – RP)
  • C. Cordero (Was – RP)
  • T. Hoffman (SD – RP)
  • C. Capuano (Mil – SP)
  • K. Millwood (Tex – SP)
  • C. Sabathia (Cle – SP) (disabled)
  • K. Wood (ChC – SP,RP) (disabled)

Normally, I’m not that much of a baseball guy, but this does help to fill the void of the NFL offseason quite well!