Me in my linkblog (April 6th)

Due to a poor 2005 season and having no west-coast away games, the Bills are the only team in the league to play all their games at 1PM Eastern time this year. Will they do well enough to earn a berth to a late-season Sunday Night matchup? Time will tell.

Peter King: Sorting out the schedule

4. I think it has to be pretty deflating to be a Bills fan right now. Sixteen games, and all of them 1 p.m. Sunday starts. Not exactly a prime-time attraction the way the Bills of old were. How about this: The Bills do not play a game outside the Eastern or Central time zones. Weird. That’s going to be one invisible team.

Like I mentioned, the Bills have the hope of not being “invisible” if they can score one of the new flexibly-scheduled Sunday Night matchups near the end of the season. Go Bills!