I subscribe to both Sam Ruby‘s and Tim Bray‘s Atom feeds, and was an amused spectator this morning when Sam broke Bloglines (which I use a lot) and other feed readers by making the title of an entry “<plaintext>”. (Without the use of HTML entities for the <‘s and >’s.) In his linkback to Sam, Tim made the comment that “Bloglines is basically unmaintained”, and I have to agree. I like Bloglines’ convenience and the fact that it has enough export features to power my blogroll and my podcast subscriptions list. Soon, I’ll also use it to set up a group of local blogs I read to pump info into Localfeeds: Harrisburg. However, I’ve been disappointed with its Atom support. Even though my Atom feed comes through fine, Sam’s feed‘s URLs end up rendered without whitespace (lookinglikethis), and Tim’s feed‘s relative links are prepended by “http://www.bloglines.com/&#8221; instead of his blog’s URL. I’m smart enough to go to their blogs to see the properly rendered version of their entries, but I thought the point of feeds and feed readers was that I didn’t have to… right?

Mark Pilgrim points out some other Bloglines gotchas that I hadn’t been bitten by yet. Maybe it’s time for me to evaluate other aggregators.