Rock Star TV Show Returns With Tommy Lee, Jason Newsted

Who is Supernova, you may ask? It’s a new supergroup featuring drummer Tommy Lee, bassist Jason Newsted and one-time Guns ‘N Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke.


“Friends of mine, like Slash, Macy Gray, Moby and Rob Zombie, will join us and throw in their two cents about who should stay and who should go,” said [host Dave] Navarro. Tommy Lee added, “[..]Starting a new band with old friends on worldwide television is going to be a blast, and we’re going to pull out all the stops to find the most charismatic and musically talented lead singer to front Supernova.”

I’m a sucker for Rock Star, so I will check this out. However, I expect a lot of performing from the current Supernova members alongside the contestants, since they’re not an established band. The house band, if there is one, should have a reduced role. If they keep the format exactly the same as Rock Star: INXS, I’m probably going to declare “shenanigans”.

Unfortunately for Lee, Newsted, and Clarke, there’s already a band called Supernova. Based on this forum post, it’s unclear whether they’ll try to protect their name.