Regarding my ogg123/Justeport recipe: it turns out that ogg123 starts introducing sharp bursts of attenuation after about an hour or so of use. Its status indicators don’t indicate anything’s wrong with the audio data it’s receiving from the stream. Since I know other clients can read the stream without these problems, I think ogg123 is introducing the artifacts. I’ll have to look around for another command-line Windows program that can tune into an MP3 or Vorbis HTTP stream and pipe to stdout.

I piqued Keith‘s interest when I proposed that we combine his programming knowledge with my audio geekery (and very limited C++/C# knowledge) to attempt to write an AirTunes-compatible DSP plugin for Foobar2000 using the Justeport source code as a reference. We may be able to get started in a week or so, once we’ve both had a chance to look over the FB2K SDK and the source code in question. I don’t know of anyone else doing this, so if you find a reference, please let me know.