Right now I usually tune iTunes in to the in-house 320kbps MP3 ICYG feed if I want to feed it to my Airport Express. That means the music has gone through three encoding cycles before it reaches my ears:

  1. Original encode to a file: MP3 or Ogg Vorbis (lossy), rarely FLAC (lossless)
  2. Transcoded by Oddcast for transmission to Icecast: MP3
  3. Transcoded by iTunes for transmission to Airport Express: ALAC (lossless)

I could mitigate the multiple-lossy-encoding problem by storing more of the source music losslessly, but I have a pretty large library of stuff that doesn’t sound that bad encoded the way it is. What I’d really like is a DSP plugin for Foobar2000 v0.9 that would shoot a copy of the audio out to a specified AIrport Express. I wonder if an enterprising FB2K plugin developer might be able to determine whether a plugin utilizing the Justeport code (or equivalent functionality) would be feasible. I’d probably pay $30 for a plugin that did that.

In the meantime, I was hoping to use Justeport or an equivalent (if there are any) to run a Windows command-line OGG or MP3 stream reader and pipe it to the AE. However, I haven’t found a command-line decoder for either format that can read the stream (most want to read just files) and pipe to stdout. If anyone reading this knows of one, could you please reply in a comment? I thought VLC might be a way, but I can’t figure out the options I’d need to use to get it to do this.