Just whose 12th Man is it?:

On Monday, a restraining order was issued calling on [the] Seattle [Seahawks] to halt any usage of “12th Man,” or “12th Mania.” [Texas] A&M’s chief marketing officer Steve Moore said he didn’t want to ruin Seattle’s fun, he just wanted to protect the university’s trademarks.

What? Apparently the Aggies coined the term. Googling “12th man” yields a number of Aggie-related sites. However, I found this humorous:

The “12th man” term has been used by various American football teams including the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks, Buffalo Bills, and the Chicago Bears. The Buffalo Bills and the Chicago Bears no longer use the term “12th man” at the request of Texas A&M. The Seattle Seahawks continue to use the phrase.

As a Bills fan, I know “THE 12TH MAN” is on the Wall Of Fame. Heck, voting is still open for the 3rd annual 12th Man Awards. The Bears held a 12th man contest last year. Defending their trademark? More like just trying to get in the news.