Our cable modem (rented from Comcast) appears to be way on the fritz. It’s been disconnecting for periods of 20 minutes to an hour daily for the past few weeks. I called in on it a week ago and it seemed to behave after that. It went offline yesterday morning for an extended period, so I called Comcast again. They are sending out someone to check it out Wednesday afternoon, but in the meantime it appears the modem won’t stay up for very long at all. It’s now offline most of the time.

The Comcast rep went over their standard lines, like “if we come out and it’s your equipment that has a problem, we will charge $50 for the service call.” I told him if Comcast wants to charge me for this problem, they will lose a customer. For the money we pay for the Comcast services, I would think that even if the service call was bogus, they shouldn’t charge me unless I exceed a certain amount of service calls per a certain time period. I’d also love it if they kept track of technically-savvy customers such as myself so that I’m not being asked to try things that I usually try before making the dreaded tech support call.

If the modem is replaced (as I suspect it will be), this’ll be my third modem. I guess I should be glad I’m renting the modem from Comcast – what if a store-bought modem crapped out this often? (I think I’ve had this service about 4 years now, perhaps a little longer.)