I either have a new phase of the cold I had two weeks ago, or I caught something new from my NC trip. Either way, my throat is getting quite sore…

Speaking of NC, Paul worked with Sprint and got the DSL modem (actually a modem/router combo, as we found out) switched to “bridge” mode, allowing it to hand off a real Internet IP to the Linksys we’re using as the center of his network. I can now remotely administer stuff! Now to get on to phase 2.

I purchased a cheap Behringer BX600 bass amp today at our local Guitar Center. I wanted a simple combo amp for potential get-togethers where I might not be able to plug into someone else’s setup. I certainly don’t want to lug my stack of home-made speaker cabinets around. 😉 It’s a little noisy but it gets the job done. I was looking for the BX1200 model, but the 600 seemed plenty loud and it’s received some good reviews for its price/performance.

We’re planning on going to RoundTop tomorrow morning. I went out and got some cheap bib pants at Dick’s today. On our first trip there I was wearing some borrowed snow pants that were bit tight. I should be more comfortable this time. Don’t know if it’ll help with the ‘boarding… 😉