My quick trip to NC was eventful – in good ways! I got to spend time with Paul and his family, as well as build his new office’s network and do initial setup of his server and client computers. The flights weren’t too long, but the seating was certainly cramped. Which brings me to one of Cyg’s Theorems: An airline’s smallest seat should fit their largest employee. 😉

The main fly in the ointment turned out to be that the Sprint Business DSL that Paul ordered for the office worked, but only one way – no external clients could connect in to the few services that I wanted to expose for remote management. This was very disappointing. I’m hoping we can get Sprint to provide the options we need to support that; I’m hoping it’s just their “static IP address” add-on. What other need would there be for a static IP besides serving something out, right?

MS’s Small Business Server 2003 wasn’t too bad of an install. They put a lot of wizards in front of product installs and configuration, and I used them at every opportunity so that the config stayed as vanilla as possible. One weird thing that SBS had me do was to use “[companyname].local” as the DNS domain name of the AD domain, which I’d never done before. It look me a little too long to realize I needed to make the SBS server the primary DNS server for the clients so that they’d find the domain. But we got through it. The Athlon 64 config we put together (based mainly on Ars Technica recommendations) was speedy and I’d like to have one of those machines for myself!

OK, the Steelers/Broncos game is start. I’d love to see a Steelers/Panthers Super Bowl XL (sick of all the unimaginative “extra large” references), but I think we’ll end up seening the Steelers and the Seahawks in the big game. Go Pittsburgh and Carolina! I saw a lot of both jerseys today in the Charlotte airport.