Watching the NE-Denver game tonight. Not a bad playoff matchup yet this season, although NE-JAX was disappointing. I would like Denver, Pittsburgh, and Carolina to advance to next week. I don’t think the Steelers will get it done against the Colts, though. Prove me wrong, guys!

I’ve started to attempt to consolidate my ICYG back-end scripting, but to be honest, the stuff I have in place works pretty well. I’ve been listening to the mix a little more since I’ve been using AirTunes, but the project (which in this incarnation is coming up on its 2nd birthday) is starting to get a little long in the tooth. I’m the only one that’s listened to it in 2006 so far. I’ll probably retire some of the older material to freshen up the mix. I’m certainly more concerned with the mix itself than the backend, or even the website. I still agree with my reasons for hatching the project, but I think other sites/tools like Pandora and have made the public side of ICYG a lot less relevant. I’ll definitely keep up on streaming audio technology, but I probably won’t be doing much more development on ICYG overall.

This coming Friday I’ll be heading down to Fayetteville, NC to help my buddy Paul get computers and networking in place at his new neurology practice. I ended up recommending a Dell PowerEdge 830 server running MS’s Small Business Server 2003 since he needed Windows Server and SQL Server to run the medical accounting software he needed. Plus, I should be able to remotely manage the PE830 quite well, given my skills. We’re also building two Althon-64-based Windows XP Pro (not the x64 version, for now) PC’s for the office. And I recommended a Dell Latitude D610 config to Paul for his main computer; he needed something portable. We’ll have all day Saturday to get things up and running. It should be enough; I plan on supporting this stuff remotely without onsite help as much as possible. It’s been some good (and rare) side work for me and I think I’m saving him a lot of money he might have spent on local consultants to get similar results.