Anyone regularly reading Cygweb should know I was a fan of the Rock Star: INXS show. I’d been talking about getting the fruit of the show, the new INXS CD Switch, ever since it came out in late November, but hadn’t found it when I would remember to look for it. Well, Melissa remedied that and gave it to me for Christmas.

I don’t own any other INXS CDs, so this is a first for me. I really dug the song “Pretty Vegas” on the show (“it ain’t pretty when the pretty leaves you/with no place to go”) and its treatment on Switch is great. My next favorite track is “Perfect Strangers”, which features a great sax solo. Make no mistake, this is not the sort of music I normally listen to, but this band sounds together. And JD Fortune was definitely “roit” for INXS: he makes it easy to imagine the late Michael Hutchence singing this stuff. He has the tone, range, and attitude that makes this sound like an INXS record. The last song on the album, “God’s Top Ten”, sounds like a fitting tribute to the original INXS vocalist. Suzie McNeil guests on that song and sounds great. “Never Let You Go” is also a catchy track.

Ryan’s actually a bigger fan of this album than me. I had to burn a backup copy for him to play at his discretion. He really likes dancing to it.

Some may dismiss this CD as part of the Rock Star show’s marketing (which it certainly is), but it’s a decent album from a classic band. Recommended.