I’ve never been a downhill skier, and the one time Melissa took me over 6 years ago I didn’t enjoy. She rarely goes and wanted to introduce it to Ryan, so we took this afternoon off and went over to Ski Roundtop. Since I didn’t like skiing, I tried snowboarding. We got an introductory package that included lessons, so I took a first-time boarders’ lesson with 7 others. Some of us did better than others, but I was probably the worst. My weight and height combined with my recent lack of exercise to make it hard for me to get up on the board in certain positions. Especially an hour into the lesson.

But it was fun for all involved, so we bought some discount passes for our next visit which include discounts on rentals and lift tickets for the rest of the season, as well as free lessons. I suspect we’ll get out there at least two more times this season, if not more. I’ll definitely be taking some more lessons. 😉

Anyone else ski around here?