I wanted to come up with a master copy of my podcast subscriptions that could be imported into any podcatcher I chose. My current podcatcher is iTunes. It doesn’t currently provide ways to import or export podcast subscriptions via OPML, the dialect that most podcatchers/aggregators use. I already had a “Podcasts” folder in my Bloglines account, so I updated that to reflect my current subscriptions. I’m already using the excellent MT-Outliner plugin to power my blogroll (based on the public contents of my “Blogs” folder in Bloglines). So I created a new MT template that generates an OPML file with my current podcast subs.

It validates against the OPML Validator (which is currently in beta), and I’ll be tweaking it as the aggregator subscription data interchange space matures. I haven’t tested it much yet, so if you decide to try it, please let me know where it does and doesn’t work. I know Doppler likes it, but Google Reader (which is beta) does not. Feedback is welcome.

iTunes does allow per-subscription imports/exports by dragging and dropping a podcast entries and PCAST files, but apparently the PCAST format is limited to one “channel”. I couldn’t aggregate podcast subs into a single PCAST file with multiple channel elements and get it to import more than the first feed. Here’s the template I made in case you’re interested. I think Apple should be a good sport and give iTunes OPML import/export capabilities for podcast subscriptions. They could continue to support PCAST as the point/click/drag/drop solution, and add OPML as the menu-selectable solution.