We went as a family to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra show at the Giant Center in Hershey on Monday night. Melissa picked up their first CD last Christmas, and I was familiar with “Sarajevo 12/24”, but other than that I didn’t know much more. When Melissa suggested going a few months back, we were a little skeptical about spending $120+ for the tickets, but we figured that’s pretty good for a concert these days.

I enjoyed the show. There were so many performers it felt like a mix between a rock concert and a Broadway show. The first half was a narrated version of “Christmas Eve and Other Stories”, and the second half was assorted material I wasn’t familiar with. I was familiar with some of the musicians; I’d read about Alex Skolnick and Mark Wood in Guitar magazine years ago.

Looking at their site and reading relevant Wikipedia entries, it’s neat that the guys from Savatage morphed into an act (actually, two acts tour as TSO – “-East” and “-West”) that attracts such a broad audience. There were people of many ages and dress there to see the show. I would recommend you see it once if you think you’d like your Christmas music served via classical shredding.