Just happened to browse over and see that the Icecast team released v2.3.1. What makes me the happiest:

Fixes for 2.3.1
An audio glitch was possible in playback of vorbis streams when a new logical stream started (eg metadata update).

I’ve noticed this from time to time over the course of listening to ICYG. I think I even posted about it to Oddsock’s forums, thinking it was a Oddcast problem. That reminds me, I have to upgrade to the recent Oddcast v3.1.6 release as well. Thanks to Oddsock for continuing to work on this stuff.

Update (12/1): Took advantage of an unexpected breaker trip (darn basement heater) to get Icecast and Oddcast upgraded. Things sound great. I’ll have to listen closely to the stream to see if the metadata skip is truly gone.