We went out to my parents’ on Wednesday for the beginning of Thanksgiving weekend. My sister Candace’s family came out, too, so we got to spend a lot of time with them. Given time to “warm up”, my little niece Hailey was very friendly and I had a fun time playing with her. We’re going to a friend’s wedding in Philly later today, so we came home last night sans Ryan, who is staying with Grandma and Grandpa until tomorrow. We’ll go pick him up tomorrow afternoon and then come back home. No NFL for me until at least tomorrow night. Although I’m looking most forward to the Monday night matchup of the Colts and Steelers.

We read that Alias was cancelled. I think it was inevitable given the changing time slot each season, the change in characters this season, and the loss of Michael Vartan from the cast, just as his character was about to become a dad. I could deal with where the show was going, but I think the major changes that occurred each season in the storyline was just too much for more casual viewers to deal with. If someone watching one of the syndicated shows tuned into one of this season’s shows, they’d be pretty confused. I think it’s the nature of serialized shows like Alias to require a fan base that’s going to watch every episode and want to roll with the changes. And that means the writing and characters have to be top-notch. Lost is doing that. Alias is not.

I picked up the R30 DVD/CD set and I’ve ripped and listened to some of the music on the CDs. The show was mixed with less crowd noise than Rush In Rio, so I like it much better. The audio is loud, but pleasing. I listened to about half of the show at work the other day without being annoyed at the recording. I’ve had issues with Rush’s audio engineering ever since Vapor Trails. The R30 show I went to in Scranton was a lot of fun and I think that’s been captured well from their Frankfurt show. The concert on the DVD is listed as anamorphic widescreen. Can’t wait until I have some time on my good HDTV/stereo setup to check it out at full volume.