Melissa and I went and saw HP4 Sunday night. Like the other movies, it was a lot of fun. Unlike the other movies, it’s rated PG-13. The subject matter isn’t necessarily more grave than in the last two films, but the fact that a character dies makes the film a bit weightier.

The tri-wizard tournament that drives the plot is a great excuse to infuse new blood into the series, in the form of students from two other wizard schools. It worked for me. The tournament itself was pretty cool. I thought the Christmas ball in the middle of the movie was a good chance for the film to explore teen angst, but I don’t think the secondary characters were fleshed out enough for us to care who Harry, Ron, and Hermione went to the dance with. There just seemed to be something missing. It was still fun, though.

The effects continue to be first rate. I think they probably cut this down from a 3-hour movie. I’m betting fans of the book think it could have been even longer. I haven’t ready any of the books, and I saw the first two movies out of order, but I’ve enjoyed all of them. This series epitomizes character building, and it’s great that a lot of the recurring characters continue to be played by the same actors.

Definitely worth catching on the big screen; some of the panoramic shots just won’t translate well to smaller screens. A no-brainer if you liked the previous movies. One thing I liked about this one is that it didn’t start in Harry’s foster family’s home. That schtick was getting a little tiresome.

The Superman Returns and King Kong trailers were attached to this film. At this point I think I’m going to dig KK better. I’m usually a nut for superhero movies. Perhaps the non-teaser Superman trailers will interest me more. I always was more of a Marvel guy. (C’mon X3!)