When I’m working/reading on the computer for an extended time, I’ll usually listen to the in-house “hi-q” version of the ICYG stream. A little game I’ll sometimes play is to say to myself, “I’ll stop listening when a song comes on I don’t want to hear.” That’s getting harder and harder; part of that is that I recently tuned the songpicker algorithm to favor those who are logging listening time. A lot of my submissions come up as a result, but so do many of several other members’.

ICYG is the future of radio.

Speaking of the future of radio, imagine this. You’re in your car and you have XM or Sirius (or equivalent). You think of a song you’d like to hear, so you tell the radio. It confirms your selection and the backend service queues it up for play on one of thousands of available jukebox channels and tells your radio. As soon as the current song is done, the radio does a nice auto-fade to the channel your request is queued on, and in a few minutes you’re listening to it. After it’s done, the channel continues to play related artists’ songs, hoping it’s piqued your tastes.

Wow, a radio that might actually let a user program it. A lot more fun and easy-to-use than having to carry your music in the car on a long trip. Whaddya think?