I’ve been playing with Byrne Reese‘s Media Manager plugin for the last month and a half, and with the recent RC3 release, it’s definitely time to give it some props. I’ve only got a few items in my queue so far, but I’ll be adding more regularly now that I’m starting to tap the power of the plugin.

I linked two of the items to my prior blog entries and used to the plugin’s excellently-integrated navbar in the MT entry-editing interface to replace my hand-coded product links with sharper-looking image/title/review boxes:

Also, as I referenced on the MM blog (and Byrne responded positively to), I’ve created an MT template that produces a valid RSS 2.0 feed with entries that correspond to the items in the Media Manager queue. It’s here; feel free to customize and re-use. Thanks to Byrne and company for this great new MT plugin.