by Twentieth Century Fox Home Video

Like many other geeks, I went out and bought Revenge Of The Sith on its street date. I finally sat down to watch it last night, but since it was late and no one else was watching with me, I used the computer and headphones. Like many others I’ve read, I think it ranks above episodes 1, 2, and 6 (ROTJ); the fact that it was conceived to tie into episode 4 predestined it to some sort of success.

I usually use the second viewing of a movie like this to watch the special effects; I’m still marvelling at the fluidity of the digital characters. Sometimes the physics were a little “off”, like in the Spider-Man movies, but for the most part it was great fun. For some reason, I didn’t cringe as much as the first time during the Anakin/Padme scenes.

I think the end of the Anakin/Obi-Wan fight could have been written better. Obi-Wan says, “I have the high ground.” Anakin jumps anyways and is defeated seemingly easily. Perhaps a better ending was lost on the cutting-room floor.

If you have a hole in your Star Wars DVD collection, go and fill it. If you bought episodes 1 and 2, you’ve got nothing to lose!