My birthday was this week. I got some cool CDs and DVDs off my wishlist (thanks, Mom, Dad, and Don) and Melissa gave me a nice new sweater. We’re going to the local Benihana tonight for my delayed birthday meal. Our weeknights have been busy with yoga and swim classes and all (not mine, although I am swimming occasionally at the Community Center).

I think this is going to be the weekend where I finally dig out the sweaters and long-sleeve shirts in force. It’s getting cold.

The iPod Nano is extremely cool. Looking forward to getting a case for it so I can take the plastic off the front! I’ve just started playing with its podcast, photo, and contacts capabilities. Very nice. The Sony headphones I got a few weekends ago sound great with both it and my Hi-MD. But they look better with the Nano. 😉

iTunes’ ease of use is seductive compared to Foobar2000, but I like the power of Foobar that I’ve grown into over the past few years. I did rip a few of my newer CDs using a number of iTunes’ AAC and MP3 options, staying in the 192kbps range, and everything sounds pretty cool. The fact that iTunes doesn’t natively support Vorbis really bugs me. I love that format for both streaming and everyday listening, and want to support it because of its openness. Since I don’t plan on doing the majority of my music management for the Nano, I really don’t have to go “whole hog” into iTunes now. But it would be nice to know the option was there. I’m continuing to experiment with parsing AAC files in the hopes that I can integrate support for them on ICYG.