OK, I’m watching the MNF game and when I saw Jeff Triplette was officiating a knew we were going to be in for some interesting calls. The worst one so far is the “fair catch interference” call that took the ball away from a Pittsburgh recovery of a muffed fair catch. Sproles’ attempted fair catch bounced off his helmet and began going up and forward. Steeler Chidi Iwuoma went for the ball and recovered it. When I saw the replays, I thought Iwuoma’s possession of the ball might have been challenged, but Triplette called fair catch interference. That’s just bad refereeing.

I thought they really grasped to take that TD run-after-catch from Hines Ward, but I had to publicly complain after seeing one too many bad calls. Hopefully Pittsburgh hangs in there and wins; they’re currently up 14-10.