Melissa and Kim decided to hit the Lancaster outlet centers (Tanger and Rockvale, in that order) yesterday and us guys (Jim, Ryan, and me) and Kim’s friend Katerina went as well. Yes, it was rainy. Very rainy. Very wet. We did buy some good clothes (especially for Ryan), and I picked up some cheap refurbished Sony headphones. I also picked up the 2002 reprint of the first Dream Theater album, number 7166 of 10000, for $10. Think I’ll leave it sealed up for now.

Unfortunately, being out on the coldest and wettest day of the season so far may not have been so great for Ryan. He was up coughing earlier this morning, with a fever, and Melissa and I have both tended to him. I stayed up after a 5:20am assist because there’s always some reading for me to do after having been offline for a day (thanks a lot, Bloglines 😉 ) and I usually can’t get back to sleep after having already had my REM sleep.

Of course, being a Sunday morning, I’m thinking about the upcoming NFL games today and tweaking my picks and fantasy starters. The Baltimore-Detroit game doesn’t interest me much, but Bucs-Jets (how will Vinny do?) and Eagles-Cowboys do. And I can’t wait to see the Steelers take on the Chargers tomorrow night. I predict a great game from the black and gold.