I’ve finally jettisoned the old templates from before my MT3.2 upgrade and today I moved over from Tim Appnel‘s MT-RSSFeed plugin and MT-Rebuild script (which stopped working with MT3.2) over to his award-winning Feeds.App and its agent. I’m only processing my Del.icio.us RSS feed at this time; my blogroll is powered by MT-Outliner querying the “Blogs” group of my Bloglines public subscription list. But it’s nice to have the auto-rebuild functionality back and to have the potential to publish more feed data.

I also upgraded to the MTAmazon32 plugin and installed Media Manager, which should be powering the “Recommended” box soon. Looks like a nice plugin so far.

Update (10/8): The Media Manager plugin is now in use and I really like it. A lot better than hand-coding a link queue. Once I get more data in, I may re-launch a new “Recommended” page.