So I decided this morning, “I’ve got to try and pick a few upsets this week.” I switched two picks: Green Bay to win because of several trends, and Arizona because… when’s the last time a Dennis Green-coached team went 0-3? Green Bay’s game turned out very close, but the Cards got whacked by the ‘Hawks. Don’t know what I was thinking.

Got to watch the Bills lose to the Falcons in HD. Atlanta showed why they were the top rushing team last season; they ran all over the Bills. And they got the passes done when they needed to. The Bills offense is definitely suffering, and I can’t even put half of that on Losman. Bill Maas (the Fox analyst covering the game; one of my favorites) pointed out early, often, and correctly that the Bills O-line couldn’t put up a decent pass-block. The only bright spot was the fact that McGahee had a good day. The downer is that Takeo Spikes came out of the game with an Achilles tendon injury.

I switched between that game and the Eagles-Raiders contest. Closer game than I expected. The Eagles were definitely disrupted by David Akers’ hamstring problems; a smooth kicking game would have made it a lot easier for them. Akers is definitely one of the more reliable kickers in the league. After injuring himself last week, the Eagles signed a kicker to their practice squad (the five players who can be under contract but not a part of the active roster). However, they appeared to neglect to have a backup placekicker (whether dedicated or not) on the field today. Akers’ FG to win the game was something to see.

Can’t believe the Patriots overcame all kinds of adversity to beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh. That’s why they play the games.

I’m also very surprised by Miami beating Carolina. Ronnie Brown had a great day. I did make one good call here fantasy-wise; I picked up Jake Delhomme in my Yahoo FF league and started him over Vick and Favre. He passed for 283 yards, 3 TDs, and 1 INT.

My BDFL matchup against the Hated Legs doesn’t look so good. Eddie Kennison and 21 BDFL points against LJ, LT, and NK (Nate Kaeding). C’mon Kansas City passing game!