Well, Ray’s completed offer at FreeiPods.com (that’s Keith‘s referral link) gave me the final requirement to qualify to receive an iPod. I’m leaning towards the 4GB Nano over the 20GB Color for a number of reasons:

  • The physical size of the Nano is smaller than my HiMD walkman, so it’ll be useful for situations where my HiMD might be too obtrusive. Also, I plan to try to use its PIM capabilities, so it would be easier to keep on my person than the HD-based iPod.
  • The Nano has special features specific to Podcasts, which I plan to use it for a lot.
  • I don’t have plans to make special use of the extra 16GB the iPod Color would provide. Since I plan to continue to keep my digital music on my home computers, I don’t need the iPod to hold a good portion of my music at a particular time. I’m weighing the convenience of physical size above the disk capacity.

Think I’m missing something? Comment. Thanks, Ray!

I neglected to mention that Cyg’s Bunters are in the championship games in both of my fantasy baseball leagues. I don’t think I’ll win in either league, but I had a lot more fun with the leagues this year than last year. I didn’t do a ton of roster changes over the course of the season, and mainly managed my starting pitchers and watched my batters’ trends (in the time domain, rather than the matchup domain) to determine who should start. Am I a bigger baseball fan after this fantasy season? Not much – I still don’t go out of my way to watch the games.

I wish I could see the Bills play the Falcons this weekend. That’ll be a great game. Luckily, we’ll be seeing two of the better matchups of the weekend locally: New England at Pittsburgh and Oakland at Philadelphia. I’m going a bit more conservative in my picking this week – we’ll see if that pays off.

Update: Our local listing has the Bills/Falcons game on here at 1PM tomorrow, opposite the Eagles game, which is on CBS since they’re hosting the Raiders (an AFC team). Cool!