I know, I know. “Save it for the podcast.” Well, I have to have something that I can say “I blogged about this…” on the BDFL review. πŸ™‚

I was busy with my family (and some other early-Sunday-evening duties) and haven’t been able to check out much of the games today. I’m reading about them now and some of them are really surprising:

  • I’m really glad I stuck with Donovan McNabb as my starter in the BDFL despite his injury. Another career performance. It was good that he and Andy Reid both insisted he would be playing, or else I think more fantasy owners might have been skittish.
  • I thought Chicago might beat Detroit. I didn’t think they’d pound Detroit. Note to self: consider picking the Lions again in week 7, when they face the Browns. That may be the only other W they earn this year. All of their other opponents don’t seem so beatable. Well, maybe the Vikings do.
  • Speaking of Minnesota, Cincinnati is the real deal. This is the year where they go 9-7 or 10-6. No more 8-8 for this club, not with that offense. They and the Steelers will feast on the other divisional rivals, the Browns and the Ravens.
  • Can’t believe the Bills collapsed in Tampa Bay. Are the throwbacks a good thing or not? Will they wear them the whole season? I remember seeing them play Atlanta at home about 11-12 years ago (maybe longer). When they face them next week, it’ll be a much tougher victory to earn than that one of yesteryear.
  • Thought the Jaguars might be able to do it against the Colts. The Colts D is the real deal. Glad I have them in the BDFL. Though it’s tough to consider benching the Bills D.
  • I though Carolina would beat New England. I did not think Cleveland would beat Green Bay on the day Reggie White’s number was retired.

Saving the rest for the podcast…