I’m always reminded why I like the NFL so much when the season starts. You think you can handicap these teams and some of them always surprise you. The two biggest upsets of the day were had by the Niners and the Dolphins. The only one of my upset picks that panned out was New Orleans beating Carolina. The Saints have been through a lot this preseason, undoubtedly the least-practiced team of the lot, but they were extremely motivated to win. Good job, guys.

Tonight’s game promises to be fun as well. My Yahoo! FFL game is already won, but my BDFL week 1 game pits Donovan McNabb and 11 BDFL points against Brian Westbrook. You know, the Hellions could win this week… NOT! I went 0-5 to start last season, so to get a win early against my divisional rival would be a good thing. 🙂

Our Yahoo! Pick’Em group’s game has changed drastically this year. The addition of confidence points makes the point totals quite wild. I don’t know if I’ll recommend using them again. I’m also participating in Rotoguru‘s Football Pickoff again this season. (Ouch.)