Been away from the blog the past few days due to real big stuff. Ryan started kindergarten this week, so, well, you know, we did too. 😉 He was great getting on the bus for the first time yesterday; he was really ready for it. It’s different not to be dropping him off at daycare or picking him up from there. One thing Melissa and I are doing that’s different is that we’re picking him up from school on alternate days as opposed to using the after-school program. More quality time.

We got together for the BDFL 2005 draft last night. I just put together a podcast featuring our first two rounds and some post-draft conversation. It’ll be posted soon. Scott was a great host and made us all feel at home. Thanks for the wings and Foster’s! (I was stuffed!)

I bought a Sony Series 1 Tivo unit (SVR-2000) on the cheap, mainly to see if I could use it as a digital VCR, manually setting up recordings without using the Tivo service. I also wanted to connect in to its serial port and play with some of its Linux underpinnings (after backing it up to another hard drive first). It’s looking like it’ll complain if it can’t check in with the mothership via the modem. Anyone that has experience with even lightly hacking the Series 1 Tivos, please weigh in. I’m reading as much online info as I can, but most of the hacks seem to be geared towards those actually using the $12.95/month Tivo service (which isn’t for me).

I might tweak my templates here a little more over the weekend. We’ll see.