Had a productive and fun overnight trip to Philly for work. Thanks to the vendor reps (who shall remain nameless) who hosted me so kindly. I doubt they’re reading this since it definitely isn’t a work blog.

Go over to InsideOutMusic.com and check out the video for the King’s X single “Alone”. (Via Google News Search: King’s X.)

MT 3.2 is out. I’ll probably upgrade the site this weekend. Same color scheme, new layout, but the familiar stuff shouldn’t change a whole lot. I think the buttload ‘o’ links will go; I’ll maintain a more personal blogroll and continue to link to my Bloglines public feeds OPML. I may decide to go back to fixed width, but it should be easy to toggle back to percentage-based flexi-columns.

Scott, Don, and I recorded a great podcast tonight. I’ll have it up sometime tomorrow. Don has joined Scott in the ranks of bloggers with forums. Cool!

My Yahoo! FF league auto-drafted yesterday. I got a pretty cool team. My favorites are Farve, McAllister, McGahee, and Chad Johnson. I’ll post the whole lineup after I clean up some of the defensive players.