I’m checking out the osCommerce-derived Zen Cart for possible use as Manolas‘ online engine. My MT/Paypal implementation lacks inventory and intelligent shipping cost management, among other things. Zen Cart could fix that, but it adds a bit of complexity to the mix. One huge benefit is that it’s free to try and use if we’re happy with it; I would probably donate some time/money to the project if we were to use it full-time.

I wasn’t successful in getting my Fragile DVD-A content converted to multichannel FLAC, but I was able to create an image of the disc that lacked CPPM. However, on the computer only PowerDVD 6 plays it flawlessly. That’s good enough for now.

The irony of the Great One coaching a hockey team playing in a desert state is funny. Yes, I know he was already affiliated with the Coyotes, but coaching should be his most demanding role with the team yet.

We’re recording a second preseason BDFL podcast tomorrow night, starting between 8:30-9pm. If you’d like to be a part of the conversation, Skype me at “aharden”. We’d love to have you.

I’ve been forming some thoughts on music and attention‘s intersection in my life; I may try to write an extended entry on it soon.