Not much to report today; it was a hot day and we went to Water Country USA. We got there at 10am (when they were opening) and stayed until about 4. It was packed. Really packed. Isn’t-there-some-sort-of-capacity-limit? packed. On two of the group water slides (Aquazoid and Meltdown) we waited a long time for each; on the order of 45 minutes. We all put on the SPF45 today, and I don’t think we worsened our existing sunburn. We needed it with all the standing in the sun…

Melissa and I directly contrasted our experience today with when we went to Blizzard Beach on our Disney World trip last September. I suppose the first week of August is different than late September, but we don’t remember Blizzard Beach being nearly so busy. Here’s a tip for the Water Country USA people – install some misters around the park, or do something to cool the vast tracts of hot concrete! We tried to head around in bare feet, but just couldn’t do it. Next time we know to bring the aqua socks (Ryan had his, thankfully); we wore our sandals around and took them off for the rides. Another thing the park could do is install restrooms alongside some of the queueing areas!

We did have fun today, but the long wait times compared with our Busch Gardens trip on Tuesday definitely soured the experience. Perhaps this area could use another water park?

We ate dinner at a close local Mexican restaurant, Tequila Rose. I was hoping we’d get Ryan to try some of the salsa or have a taco, but he had chicken strips. 😉 It was some great food, and a good break for us; we don’t do Mexican all that often since our local Chi-Chi’s closed.

Tomorrow will be a flex day for us. Since the weather has been so clear, we haven’t been delayed by rain. I’d like to go see the Jamestown settlement. We’ll see! We leave Saturday morning for home.