Today we did finally get over to Virginia Beach. We left at about 8:30a and didn’t encounter and traffic slowdowns, so we got there in about an hour. We decided to fly blind (save for a brochure for the local aquarium) and were greeted by a convenient and well-signed visitors’ center that gave us all the maps and parking info we needed.

I didn’t know much about Va Beach beyond the fact that it had a boardwalk, so I was pleasantly surprised that it was a nice, long, continuous run of shoreline with convenient public facilities. We rented an umbrella and chairs and played on the sand and in the water for about 3.5-4 hours before cleaning up a bit and renting and riding a surrey along the boardwalk for a while. We decided not to stay in the area for dinner – we headed back at about 4. It was very clear and hot today, and we all got burned at least a little bit, even trying to cover up with sunscreen.

We’ll have to be careful tomorrow at Water Country USA (just around the corner from here) since it’s supposed to be another scorcher. I may just keep my t-shirt on!