We ended up going to Busch Gardens today; our loud upstairs neighbor(s) kept us up a while last night so we couldn’t get up as early as we liked to go to the beach. We were at the park at 10am and stayed until a little after 6. It was as nice and clean as their Tampa Bay park (my assessment from last year, where I said I’d like to check out this one 😉 ) and the rides we went on were fun. Their new “Curse of DarKastle” ride wasn’t worth the 30-minute wait, but that was the only dud for us. Ryan went on his first big roller coaster, The Big Bad Wolf, and he loved it. He went on a lot of bigger rides this trip – just another part of the growing-up process.

OK, maybe we’ll get to the beach tomorrow; this week is shaping up to be great weather-wise.

I’ve tried to post some of my pics to Flickr over the dial-up, but it’s been slow going. I’ll probably upload the majority after we get back.

Phil might be happy to learn that Busch isn’t pulling a Disney and attaching fingerprints to tickets, but they did take pictures of Melissa and I to print on our two-day “bounce” tickets; we’re going to Water Country USA later in the week. That was OK with me (like I had a choice.. ;), but I guess the overall goal is the same.