We spent our first two full days here exploring Colonial Williamsburg. It was a unique experience. I knew a little about the area before coming down here, but had never researched the history of the area. I actually liked the fact that we didn’t see Bassett Hall until today; its exhibits tell the story of how John D. Rockefeller, Jr. was convinced to finance the restoration of Williamsburg in the 1920s. Going though about two-thirds of the exhibits on the first day without knowing what was original construction and what was rebuilt increased the authenticity for me.

Watching the trade specialists (silversmiths, cobblers, leathermen, etc.) in their native element was very cool. I couldn’t really tell which of the staff lived onsite, and as in the 18th century, but most of them would couch their descriptions with some comparisons to modern-day life. I heartily recommend a visit there, and you definitely need two 5- to 6-hour days to get to everything. At 5 years old, Ryan isn’t really moved by the area, so I can’t say it’s great for the little ones.

We stayed in for spaghetti dinner last night, but tonight we visited the Green Leafe Cafe, which was pretty cool. They made me a good fish ‘n’ chips and I had a nice Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

Last night we went out to see Sky High. I knew it would be popcorn, but its plot was more developed than I expected. Definitely worth at least a rental if you want to see a family-friendly “coming of age” superhero movie.

It’s supposed to be a hot, clear day tomorrow, so it looks like we’re going to go out to Virginia Beach. Later!