(35¢ local calls are nice; I’ll be dialing up regularly during our vacation.)

We had a bit longer of a drive down to Williamsburg, VA, than we expected today; we experienced the kind of stop-and-go highway traffic on I-95 and I-295 that only brake parts makers like. Having left at 10am, we arrived and checked into King’s Creek Plantation at about 4:45. My initial impression of the townhouse we’re staying in was (and still is) very positive. Very roomy and nicely furnished, especially in the kitchen. There’s enough stuff here to accomodate 6 guests and there’s just the three of us. 🙂 Ryan couldn’t get over the fact that there are 4 TVs in here. I’ll put some pictures up sometime later in the week.

We went and had a quick (and good) casual dinner at Bones Rotisserie and then went to the local Food Lion to stock up our temporary kitchen. We’ll do breakfast here every day, and make spaghetti and pizza dinners during the week to save some money. I cheaped out on coffee for the first time in a while; I’m drinking Chock Full O’Nuts instead of Starbucks. 😉

Sounds like we’re going to check out Colonial Williamsburg tomorrow and Monday. We’re right near all the attractions here, so we should be able to enjoy KCP as well; we’re right across from the pool. The drive out to Virginia Beach later in the week may test our patience as we get back onto I-64, which wasn’t an easy drive with all the traffic and rain earlier today.

I’ll check in again tomorrow or Monday…