I’ve been geeking out the past few nights playing with software that might enable me to fairly use the high-resolution content of my new Fragile DVD-A. I’ve had trouble getting the eval versions of WinDVD and PowerDVD to properly play the hi-res multichannel version of the music. I think it has to do with the fact that I have a multi-channel sound card that’s not a Creative Audigy2. My current goal is to convert the tracks to multichannel 24-bit/96KHz FLAC files so that I can enjoy them in their full glory with Foobar2000. I’m not interested in burning a DVD-Audio disk. At this point I believe I need a tool that’ll convert MLP files to either multichannel WAV (and swap channel order around to accomodate PC multichannel mapping vs. DVD-Audio mapping) or directly to FLAC. And the content companies wonder why users might not like content protection. Sheesh.

Rock Star: INXS is about the only new TV I’m watching right now, besides the occasional looks at the NFL Network. The band seems very serious about this; they let two contestants go last night. For the first time, the INXS drummer and bassist replaced their counterparts in the house band for the low-vote-getters’ performances of INXS songs. It’s amazing how much better some of these contestants sound singing INXS songs vs. non-INXS.

We’ll be out of town for about a week starting Saturday. Can’t wait.

I’ve started using the new Google Homepage this week. Very clean and malleable. It’s pretty dry compared to My Yahoo! but it’s very customizable. Check it out.

If you aren’t subscribed to my link blog you might have missed the articles I linked to about the whole Sony payola thing. Precisely the reason I rarely listen to the radio to find new music.